At the forefront of any online marketing strategy is the need to increase a website’s visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our online marketing specialists have considerable knowledge of how search engine algorithms work and eCommerce industry experience to judge keywords’ potential to implement structured optimisation.

Curo Commerce is in-built with numerous features that facilitate the optimisation process. We believe that Search Engine Optimisation starts from the outset, whereby your website is created with a firm basis for continual search engine optimisation (SEO). Our SEO experts can provide a fully-managed ethical search engine optimisation service based on keywords research, competitive analysis, link building and blog optimisation.

Keywords Research

This involves researching appropriate and relevant keywords used by customers searching for your brand. Our SEO experts take into consideration keyword frequency, value and competitiveness which all play a part in producing a higher click through rate (CTR).

Competitve Analysis

Our competitive research and analysis will allow us to identify your brand’s position in the target market, by analysing competitors’ use of phrases and keywords. Results from our competitive research will allow us to optimise website pages, meta tags, link popularity and improve your search engine ranking.

On Page Optimisation

To achieve a high organic listing on search engines, On-Page Optimisation, changing your website’s code and structure as well as working to maximise the coding so search engines fully spider your website, leading to better indexing and targeting of main keywords. Our SEO team works side by side with our front end development team and uses their combined knowledge to improve performance for your search engine rankings and overall usability of your website.

Link Building

Link building encourages more traffic to your website which is essential in achieving a naturally high search engine position. Researching, requesting and submitting quality back links from external sources such as highly ranked online directories and relevant partners to improve page ranking on search engines much faster. Our link building strategy is designed to improve your websites natural search result listings. The overall approach to natural SEO is central to providing you the return on investment (ROI).

Blog Optimisation

Blogging is one of the most popular new search engine optimisation techniques, and as part of our SEO strategy and is focused on an essential tenet of SEO, fresh content. Our blog optimisation services focuses on regularly updating blogs with fresh, relevant content that makes your website constantly attractive to search engines for ongoing indexing.