recognise the importance of email marketing. 40% of customers will make an online purchase, while a further 27% will purchase a product offline based on an effective email campaign. We plan, design and create bespoke email campaigns which effectively communicate the right message to your target audience.

Our email campaigns focus on the mechanisms which make email marketing a success; it allows you to target your consumer base, drive relevant data, build relationships and reach your customer through whichever email software they may use. Applied segmentation of your customer database incorporated with intelligent profiling will allow you to reward customer loyalty, improve customer service, apply off-site merchandising techniques and deploy seasonal initiatives. There are many uses for personalised email marketing all with the goal of building and increasing brand awareness.

Reporting and analysis of the frequency and reach of your email campaign is the final component in email marketing strategy. We rely on being able to improve and supercede the effectiveness of each and every campaign. Our email analysis software and techniques allow you to go much further, enabling you to identify customer behaviour and ineffective messaging to further enhance your overall email strategy.