The aim of conversion optimisation is to essentially study and gather, monitor information on customer behaviour to improve your website conversion rate.

At Adwordiser we understand that the key to managing e-commerce growth is to use a comprehensive online strategy which involves ongoing conversion optimisation. This involves constant monitoring of customer behaviour and preferences such as constant change in trends.

Our conversion optimisation process consist of two important aspects, analyse & optimise.

Analysis is carried out on your current website, in terms of usability, cross-service ROI, split testing (or A/B testing) and multi-variate testing. We will also use data gathered from analysis of other mediums such as PPC campaigns and affiliate network analysis.

Our optimisation process is split into web page usability improvements and enhancements using landing pages as well as refining your overall online strategy to improve conversions.

Our optimisation process is iterative and gradually produces the optimum results. Web analytics, visitor segmentation, behavioural email and website usability form the core components of the conversion rate optimisation process, however specific multivariate tools are also incorporated.

Measurement and optimisation lie central to being able to adapt your ongoing marketing strategy to keep up with the ever-changing online environment, and our Digital consulting service will help you arm yourself with in-depth analysis and analytics reporting to get the full picture for a better conversion-driven marketing plan.

Our Conversion Optimisation offers you advice and expertise on how to:

1. Maximise your return on investment (ROI)
2. Follow the trends and stay ahead of your competitors
3. Enhance website effectiveness
4. Utilise your resources for optimal online promotions
5. Utilise data for optimal search engine effectiveness

Our complete service provides extensive analytics and reporting and a full conversion optimisation procedure.