Agile Marketing Approach

agile marketing

The word agile comes from Latin dictionary which means quick and well coordinated, as the meaning suggest any approach which is fast and well organised in an agile approach. Agile approach is quite commonly used in field of software development industry where solutions and requirements are made by well coordination between different teams. Similarly, Agile marketing is an approach of responding to changes in a well organised way which aims to deliver speed, adaptability, transparency and predictability.

Being relatively new in trend, agile marketing has benefit of avoiding the mistakes made during adaptation of agile approach in industries like software development. This gives marketers more chances to understand the approach in depth and use it in more efficient ways. Further reducing the risk of failure and pushes marketers to try and test more with their ideas.

It’s interactions (not conversations).

It’s a system we are part of (not one we create or control).

It can’t be predicted (the only means of prediction is simulation).

This approach allows an easy planning with fast and measured delivery time and maximum customer satisfaction. Through agile marketing, organisations will have more success ratio in any marketing campaign then before. Campaigns can be started with small experiments and can be grown depending on responses and audience reaction. This approach definitely helps organisations to minimize risk.

In my opinion, Agile Marketing is an extremely dynamic marketing approach and a ticket to maximum customer satisfaction.


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