7 Tips for effective email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective tool for reaching your potential customers and establishing brand awareness, although people do lack in improvising the right techniques. below are the list of 7 top tips to increase your ROI using Email Marketing.

1. Creativity: always remember there will be hundreds of emails hitting your potential customers email on daily basis, so things that will make your email different from other emails will probably tends to give conversions. advertisers can try and add various things for customers to make their newsletters interesting like: offers, feedback options, social media, competitions etc. these options not only get more attention but also allows customer to engage with your brand.Creativity

2. Compatibility: Always make sure that your newsletters are compatible with all the devices including smartphones. Also, do not forget to add a link to access the web version of newsletterRin your email.

3.Customer Focused and Relevancy: Always send a newsletter to your target audience. if you haven’t sorted your database as per different audience categories you might be pitching a wrong product to wrong customer. it very crucial to know your target market and then target them with the products they are interested in. You can also add personalised touch by addressing email with their names and their interests.
customer focus

4. Delivery Reports: delivery is equally important to developing a good newsletter. This is important to analyze why emails are getting bounce backs, are these soft bounces or hard bounces- preventing costs and IP blacklisting issues.
delivery reports

5. Organized: Similar to your website, a good newsletter should have organized, the important information should be organized in a proper manner. Important links like unsubscribe should be visible enough to prevent complaints and emails being reported. The content and other important information should be short and precise and well structured. Always have a clear call to action to have better response rate.

6. Plan your campaigns: Success of any email campaign depends on its plan, how the content is organised with the designs along with periodic and effective time scheduling of newsletter with consistency.
plan your campaigns

7. Reporting: A good campaign is only when you can analyse the outcome of that. Reporting is extremely important in eMail marketing campaigns unlike any other digital marketing method. You can analyse the reports after 2 weeks or 4 weeks depending on individual and calculate your ROI to improve your performance.

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